The interior concept and design of “Project 54” revealed

Super Lauwersmeer is taking another big step in unveiling “Project 54”, the new 16.5 metre top model of which the shipyard is planning the world premiere this summer. This time, Super Lauwersmeer is giving a sneak peek aboard the yacht - and with that, it reveals the unique characteristics of this ship.

In short:

  • The ultimate fusion of the benefits of an aft cabin and open cockpit
  • Possibility to steer indoors and outdoors
  • Prestigious BeachDeck as a waterside terrace
  • A sublime experience of the outdoors thanks to large glass areas

Whichever room you are in onboard “Project 54”, the daylight comes in abundantly, and the outdoor views are magnificent. ‘We developed “Project 54” from the inside out,’ says Louis Jousma - the owner of the shipyard together with his brother Bastiaan - and responsible for the “Project 54” concept. ‘For this reason, we first present the interior concept of this new yacht before presenting the exterior design.’

‘The daylight comes in abundantly, and the outdoor views are magnificent

Created by listening carefully

With “Project 54”, Super Lauwersmeer pulls out all the stops of more than 50 years of yacht building history. ‘During exhibitions, discussions with customers and by paying close attention to trends in the yachting world, the idea for a new Super Lauwersmeer top-model was born. We are introducing a revolutionary yacht to the market with "Project 54", which is averse to concessions’, says Louis.

‘Normally, customers choose between an aft cabin (AC) or open cockpit (OC) - automatically leading you to choose between inside or outside steering - and between being close to the water (open cockpit) or sitting on top of the aft cabin. With “Project 54”, we offer both in one boat. Add to that the fact that this ship is built from steel but still able to sail relatively fast, and you will understand that all traditional concessions are a thing of the past,' says the shipyard owner.

BeachDeck as an extra dimension

“Project 54” offers the best of both worlds; an aft cabin and an open cockpit. In addition, it adds an extra dimension: the BeachDeck. ‘Life on board a yacht is moving ever closer to the water,’ says Bastiaan Jousma, responsible for Sales at Super Lauwersmeer.

‘We notice that customers like to sit close to the water. With an open cockpit, that experience comes very close. Due to the extended swim platform on our Discovery series, some of our customers are already fulfilling their wishes. Yet with “Project 54”, we go one step further. The 16.5-metre yacht features an exceptionally large BeachDeck that, together with the adjacent BeachLounge, offers a unique experience,’ he continues.

The best of an aft cabin and open cockpit with a third dimension

The BeachDeck can be furnished with lounge chairs to enjoy the sun or a large dining table to dine comfortably by the water. Part of the BeachDeck is covered thanks to the fixed roof of the SunDeck above. The retractable sun canopy makes it possible to choose between sun or shade for the rest of the deck.

Lounge by the waterside

The inside and outside feel like one beautiful space, thanks to the BeachLounge's extensive glass front adjacent to the BeachDeck. The sliding doors in the façade give access to this BeachLounge. A magical place to enjoy the water both during the day and in the evening. The BeachLounge is equipped with a high seating area, luxury kitchen and comfortable corner sofa. As the kitchen is adjacent to the BeachDeck, a cold drink or a tasty dinner is always within reach.

‘From this BeachLounge, you enjoy a wonderful view over the BeachDeck to the water and in all directions. Large glass sections provide an unlimited view of the outdoors. The windows position and height levels on board are designed to enjoy the view from every angle (sitting and standing)’, says Louis.

Large glass areas provide an unrestricted view of the outside world.

The WheelHouse as a central space

You enter the upper WheelHouse from the BeachLounge, the central space on "Project 54" by climbing five steps. From here, you can also make your way to the SunDeck and the cabins at the front of the ship.

As in the entire ship, the large windows in the WheelHouse provide an incredible connection with the outside world. The generous U-shaped bench is placed a little higher to enjoy the view while sitting down. ‘A lovely place to sail, play a game, have lunch or watch TV’, says Louis. ‘The steering position - equipped with state-of-the-art technology - is positioned so that guests on the U-bench and the skipper are in contact with each other.’

Sunbathing, lounging and steering outside on the SunDeck

Via the stairs in the WheelHouse, you can go one floor higher and enter the SunDeck. ‘Here too, we have created several seats,’ says Bastiaan. ‘This makes it possible to sit with your entire group near the helmsman. If there are two of you, the passenger can sit on the bench next to the steering position. The bench is placed in the opposite direction, so the helmsman and passenger are in direct contact. And who wants, can also sit comfortably next to the helmsman. The steering chair is big enough to seat two people’, says Louis.

The back of the SunDeck has a large lounge bed. Lovely to enjoy the sun and view. Besides the comfortable and versatile lounge areas, the deck also features an outdoor kitchen with a fridge, running water and a BBQ. With a good glass of wine in hand, you will undoubtedly see yourself standing there while the scents of the BBQ tickle your olfactory senses. Would you rather sit in the shade? You can fit the SunDeck roof with a sunshade that closes at the push of a button.

Two spacious cabins with private bathroom and toilet

When evening falls, you enter the two cabins at the front of the ship via the WheelHouse. Onboard the first “Project 54” - as it makes its world debut this summer - there are two spacious cabins and two bathrooms. There is a double cabin with an en-suite bathroom on the port side, equipped with a toilet, rain shower, and washbasin.

At the front of the ship, you'll find the spacious owner's cabin with a large free-standing bed. It is striking how much daylight enters on entering the owner's cabin thanks to the many windows. The design is such that privacy is guaranteed, but views and light are just as important. It is remarkable that when you wake up in the morning and open the door of the owner's cabin, you can look out over the BeachDeck to the water thanks to the large amount of glass. As a result, the owner's cabin feels like a 5-star hotel suite.

The luxurious feel of a 5-star hotel suite

You can enter the en-suite bathroom from the hallway and the owner's cabin. It is equipped with a rain shower, spacious washbasin and toilet. As befits a Super Lauwersmeer, all rooms contain many closets, drawers and practical storage spaces. The fifty years of yacht building experience can be felt in every element.

Unique in many ways

With the unveiling of “Project 54”, Super Lauwersmeer really takes the next step in its history. The revolutionary yacht is not only the largest Super Lauwersmeer ever built but features so many firsts that the yard is setting itself apart as a trendsetter. ‘With “Project 54”, we are truly introducing a unique ship to the market. She is built from steel but can sail fast thanks to the unique underwater hull. Moreover, the interior and exterior concept is unique for this size of ship’, says Louis.

Super Lauwersmeer has already sold two of the “Project 54”, and the interest is enormous. Both yachts are currently under construction at our shipyard in Noardburgum, Friesland. All Super Lauwersmeer yachts are built there by hand and according to the customer’s wishes from the hull to the interior. The world premiere of the yacht is scheduled for this summer. Shortly before the premiere, the shipyard will also announce the final name of the ship.

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