Project 54: A revolutionary yacht concept from Super Lauwersmeer

In the past year, we have worked hard at the shipyard to develop a brand new top model. The 16.5-metre yacht is the largest Super Lauwersmeer in more than 50 years of our shipyard's existence. As befits a top model, ‘Project 54’ is brimming with innovation, including a revolutionary new development.

At Super Lauwersmeer, 'enjoying the water, but with all the comforts of home' is anchored in our DNA. As a yacht builder, we are masters at turning your water sport dreams into reality. Customisation in top quality is the standard. By listening carefully to our customers and building dream yachts together with them, an increasingly strong image of a new member of the Super Lauwersmeer family has emerged over the past few years.


Together with yacht architect Arnold de Ruyter, shipyard owner Louis Jousma worked on the concept. He and his brother Bastiaan have been at the helm of this shipyard for two decades, which was established in 1969. Unique to Super Lauwersmeer is that the brothers build everything themselves. This has earned them much praise from the international media and expert juries. The design is recognisably Super Lauwersmeer, but clearly from the next generation.

Customer wish

'With Project 54, we listened carefully to our customers and looked at recent developments in yacht building and beyond,' says Louis Jousma. ‘People are becoming accustomed to more luxury and comfort at home, but also when they are on holiday. We are now translating that into a new top model,’ adds Bastiaan.


'Unique to Project 54 is her layout that combines the best of an aft cabin yacht and an open cockpit yacht. This includes a very unique feature, but we will tell you more about that later', says Louis.

Revolutionary underwater hull

What the shipyard does want to say about the model is that it has a brand new underwater hull developed in collaboration with Van Oossanen. Thanks to this unique underwater hull, ‘Project 54’ can sail faster but also more economically, without the need for huge engines. The concept is somewhere between a displacement yacht and a planing yacht and is built of steel. 'It is truly a revolution in yacht building. Something that has never been done before in this segment,' says Louis, who is responsible for technical development at Super Lauwersmeer. 'With Project 54, it is possible to overtake a cargo ship without pulling a huge stern wave,' he continues.

Construction started

Super Lauwersmeer has already sold a ‘Project 54; based on the blueprints. The construction of the ship has also started. Next year, the first ship will be launched. Until then, Super Lauwersmeer will reveal increasingly more details about, what they are calling, ‘their most revolutionary model ever’. In the run-up to the launch, the definitive name of the top model will also be announced.

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