Dutch magazine Motorboot named SLX54 'revolutionary'

Dutch marine journalist, Yvonne Zwaan, recently tested the SLX54. In her review for Motorboot magazine, she confirms our vision for the SLX54. "Revolutionary" and "successful" were just a few of the terms she used.

Her verdict in the April 2023 of Motorboot speaks for itself: “Super Lauwersmeer has introduced a daring concept with the SLX54. The Frisian shipyard has successfully crafted a motor yacht that stands out from what we are used to. It stands apart in many aspects, offering more than expected from a steel displacement vessel its size. In terms of space, comfort and facilities, but also in terms of sailing range and possibilities. The SLX54 marks a milestone, being the first steel motor yacht to achieve 30 km/h, truly setting it apart as revolutionary".

An aura of luxury and comfort

A fine example of (design) work

The 7-page feature in Motorboot magazine is filled with praise. Among other aspects, Yvonne lauds the design. “A boat of this concept, featuring two aft decks and dual living levels, can often appear overly grand and bulky because of its high freeboard. Various design elements give the SLX54 a rather elegant and sporty appearance. Louis and Arnold deserve commendation for their work.”

Luxury and comfort

Yvonne was equally impressed by the interior layout. She commends the vessel's openness, offering views outside throughout the entire ship, whether you're seated or standing. "The spacious feeling is truly exceptional," remarks the editor-in-chief of Motorboot. Speaking of ambiance, she also had words of appreciation for the onboard atmosphere: "The wall panels draped in lavish fabric give the space an aura of luxury and comfort." she writes about the owner's cabin, among other things.

Curious about Yvonne's full story? This can be read via Motorboot.com

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