Discovery with open cockpit and aft cabin at HISWA te Water 2022

Do you prefer a Discovery with an aft cabin or an open cockpit? At HISWA te Water, we will give you the opportunity to experience both. The Discovery 47 AC and 46 OC "Longroof" are on display every day from 31 August to 4 September at the water sports fair in Lelystad.

Both yachts are a first at the HISWA exhibition. Although the Discovery 47 AC made its debut there in 2019, with the 47 AC "N joy", Super Lauwersmeer demonstrates how customer requirements can lead to innovative solutions and a unique style. The 46 OC "Longroof" is an actual HISWA first; it has not previously been showcased at the water sports fair.

Discovery 46 OC ‘Longroof’

One of the unique features of this Discovery 46 OC "Longroof" is that the salon roof continues above the open cockpit. This makes the inside and outside even more connected.

Even more comfort in summer and winter

The sailing season can be extended even further with the Discovery 46 OC "Longroof" without compromising on comfort. The round bench, specially developed for this model, makes installing a cockpit tent possible that fits perfectly onto the roof and the saloon. This allows you to walk in and out warm and dry, even on less beautiful days. On sunny days, the "Longroof" provides protection.

Design highlight

As befits a Super Lauwersmeer, this first Discovery 46 OC "Longroof" was also developed at the customer's request and in cooperation. The Belgian couple who chose this yacht worked intensively with our designer Arnold de Ruyter to ensure that the continuous saloon roof was given a perfect visual effect. The black pillars combined with the white top provide the feeling that the roof is floating. As a result, the "Longroof" version of the Discovery OC has a unique appearance.


Discovery 46 OC was also equipped with a kitchen entirely on the starboard side for the first time. Earlier, 46 OC models featured a corner kitchen. This gives the yacht christened "Good Times" an even more open and spacious feel and allows the cockpit and saloon to really merge as soon as the doors are opened.

Discovery 47 AC ’N joy’

Side-by-side with the 46-foot open cockpit is the 47-foot aft cabin, which the owner has christened "N Joy". Enjoyment is the focus on board this luxurious yacht that is part of the limited "50th Anniversary Edition" series. This makes the ship one of the most luxurious Discovery AC ever built. The kitchen has all conceivable built-in appliances, large Raymarine screens on the steering position provide all the information you need, and the entire ship is fitted with double glazing. A dinghy on the extended swimming platform can be launched with playful ease.

Light and modern colour scheme

The sleek interior and exterior styling immediately stand out. The owner has chosen many light colours for the interior in combination with a concrete-look floor. It gives the yacht a contemporary appearance.

31 August - 4 September in Lelystad

We would like to welcome you to the HISWA te Water fair. Step aboard our Discovery models and experience how we could help build your dream yacht. For opening hours, maps and directions, please visit

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