Discovery series: Even more sailing comfort thanks to innovative Hull Vane®

Super Lauwersmeer strengthens its position as an innovative shipyard. The Frisian yacht builder premieres the installation of the very first semi-custom Hull Vane® on a new steel-constructed yacht under 15 meters. The benefits, in terms of sailing comfort, speed and efficiency, are immense.

Owners of Super Lauwersmeer Discovery yachts, as well as the press, agree unanimously, that the sailing characteristics of a Discovery yacht are fantastic. The specially-developed underwater section of the hull is the result of half a century of yacht construction experience and the pursuit of perfection. "This steel yacht sails razor-sharp", wrote the Dutch water sports journalist, Epco Ongering, about the Discovery 47 OC. Powerboat journalist and jury member of the Powerboat of the Year-election, Yvonne Zwaan, praised the Discovery 45 AC for its perfect straightforward stability and easy manoeuvrability.

As befits Super Lauwersmeer, the shipyard now goes a step further with the assembly of the innovative Hull Vane®. This hydrodynamic wing-shaped appendage is mounted behind the yacht and has a positive effect on the sailing performance.

More sailing comfort

The Hull Vane® ensures that the ship's movements are dampened, increasing the sailing comfort even more. The stern wave is also considerably reduced. This makes it possible to sail more comfortably at a high speed and create far fewer waves in the process. The Hull Vane® generates a lift at the back of the ship, making it sail more horizontally. This is felt strongly by those at the helm. An additional advantage is the sound of the stern wave is also reduced.

Quieter and more economical

By implementing the Hull Vane®, the resistance is reduced. This ensures that a higher top speed can be achieved with the same power output. Also, the engine requires less power at cruising speed, which reduces fuel consumption and the noise on board.

Proven effective

The Hull Vane® is a proven appendage. More than 30 Hull Vanes have already been built and implemented in superyachts, patrol ships, offshore vessels and passenger ships. The Hull Vane® was invented by Dutch hydrodynamicist, Piet van Oossanen, during the development of a sailing yacht for the America's Cup in the early 2000s. Innovation is very important for Hull Vane B.V. A lot of time is spent on research & development, in the search for improved efficiency and sailing comfort. The company focuses on reliable solutions that deliver proven results in the long term. And that fits in perfectly with Super Lauwersmeer.


Hull Vane® recovers energy from the stern wave and converts it into forward-thrust. The wing profile generates a lift from the slanting upward current behind the stern. This lift tilts forward and therefore not only lifts the stern slightly but it also gives it a push. Additionally, the yaw-movement in waves reduces the resistance. The Hull Vane® performs particularly well in shallow water, such as the Frisian lakes and the IJsselmeer. This is caused by the fact that a ship on shallow water tends to "dig itself in" at the rear. The vertical lift of the Hull Vane® compensates for this, allowing the ship to sail flatter, maintaining a higher speed.

First on the Discovery 47 OC

At the shipyard in Noardburgum, Super Lauwersmeer is currently building a Discovery 47 OC on which the semi-custom Hull Vane® will make its debut in a new steel yacht under 15 meters. The yacht will hit the water this summer and Super Lauwersmeer will carry out practical tests.

Test results

Would you like to know more about the Hull Vane® and the test results? We would like to invite you for an informal chat at our shipyard.

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