A new type of underwater hull world-first for ''Project 54''

With the announcement of ''Project 54'' last year, Super Lauwersmeer announced the launch of a revolutionary new yacht. Besides its innovativeness, modern styling and construction according to the well-known Super Lauwersmeer standards, ''Project 54'' features a revolutionary underwater hull. A world first. The shipyard is now revealing all the details.

  • A new type of underwater hull that fits between a displacement and a planing vessel
  • Less resistance and considerable reduction of fuel consumption
  • Overtaking without pulling a stern wave
  • Comfort at any speed
  • Speeds up to 14 knots (25 km/h)
  • Maximum sailing area thanks to limited draught and seaworthiness

Fits between a displacement and a planing vessel

Many water sports enthusiasts recognise the situation in which a water displacement yacht is not fast enough to stay ahead of or pass commercial vessels. The suction, the waves and sometimes relatively limited space on the water are then experienced as less pleasant.

A displacement yacht built in steel has excellent advantages, but we keep hearing this issue - until now. With ''Project 54'', Super Lauwersmeer introduces a world first; an underwater hull that is a cross between a displacement and a planing yacht. An entirely new concept was launched under FDHF MC (Fast Displacement Hull Form Multi Chine). A world-first for the Frisian shipyard. Not only is this the first multi-chine vessel with an underwater hull, developed by Van Oossanen Naval Architects, but it is also the first steel yacht of this size to be built with this construction.

With this new type of underwater hull, you can keep up with - and even overtake - a cargo ship without pulling a large stern wave or needing hefty engines. A significant additional advantage is that the resistance is as low as possible, and thus the consumption is considerably reduced. A reduction of 20% is feasible according to computer simulation.

Efficient and comfortable at any speed

The concept was developed in collaboration with Van Oossanen Naval Architects. Van Oossanen engineers were faced with the challenge of creating a hull that is both efficient and comfortable at all speeds between 5 and 15 knots.

Whereas a fast-sailing ship is designed to sail optimally at high speed, it lacks comfort and stability at cruising speed. With the underwater hull of ''Project 54'', comfort is maximised at any speed - from crawl speed to top speed. Light and fast boats come out of the water, such as half gliders and planing boats. This is at the expense of comfort, but especially interior space, a disadvantage eliminated entirely with this underwater hull.

Not fast, but definitely faster sailing

Super Lauwersmeer's objective in developing ''Project 54'' was not to build a fast boat but rather a vessel that sails faster. A luxury yacht that offers a steel yacht's comfort, interior space, quality, and stability and can also cruise at faster speeds when necessary. This guarantees comfort, safety and a familiar feeling.

Whereas the well-known Discovery models of Super Lauwersmeer reach a top speed of 8 to 9 knots, ''Project 54'' is capable of 15 knots (25 km/h).

Those who do not necessarily need speed can achieve great sustainability benefits with light engines. To achieve the speed of a displacement vessel (8/9 knots), only 100hp is required. With two 270hp engines onboard, ''Project 54'' can reach a top speed of 12 knots. In line with its sustainable character, preparations for a fully electrically powered version are on the way.

Extra push

Whichever variant you choose, maximum comfort is guaranteed. Thanks to the unique underwater hull and the Hull Vane, the ship remains completely horizontal.

The Hull Vane, a kind of spoiler mounted underneath the ship, also ensures that the stern wave is minimal and that its energy is used for forward thrust. The wing profile generates a lift force from the oblique upward flow behind the stern. This lift force is forward and therefore lifts the stern a little and gives it an extra push.

Maximum sailing area

For a large ship like ''Project 54,'' the draught is limited. The multi-chine hull is 1.20 metres deep and can access all areas like every other Super Lauwersmeer. In addition, excellent stability at sea is guaranteed.

Under construction at the shipyard

At the moment, ''Project 54'' is being built at our own shipyard in Noardburgum. The ship will be launched this summer after completing all building phases entirely under its own management.

As befits a Super Lauwersmeer, the ship will be of impeccable quality and the details and well-thought-out concept will be of a very high standard. The yard still builds according to traditional craftsmanship in small series, ensuring high-quality control and optimally harnessing its more than 50 years of experience.

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